claudia zentenno

Claudia Zenteno


Claudia Zenteno has been working with children with developmental disabilities for over 27 years in Nevada.  She attended the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Speech Pathology and Applied Behavioral Analysis.  While attending UNR, Claudia was responsible for implementing 1:1 ABA therapy for children diagnosed with autism, which at the time was a cutting-edge therapy for neurodiverse children.  She additionally worked in the Early Childhood Autism Program and became a project trainer, auditor assistant and ultimately lead therapist.  During this time, Claudia was mentored by renowned autism experts, Dr. Ghezzi and Dr. Bijou, and worked alongside them to develop and execute programming for their clients at UNR.  In 2010, she utilized her extensive background in cognitive behavioral therapy to open Autism Building Blocks, the first clinic in Las Vegas that specialized in the multifaceted treatment of autism.  When not working, Claudia enjoys reading Sci-Fi novels, spending quality time with her family, and enjoying outdoor activities such as paddling, hiking and rock climbing.