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  • Clinic based services are provided to families local to our office.
  • A team of 3-6 staff members, extensively trained and supervised, provide the intensive, daily intervention.
  • Training will be a pervasive component throughout consultations with tutors and parents.
  • Provide constant feedback and support for tutors, regarding programming, that has been created specifically to the child.
  • Oversee tutoring and programming during a school milieu, if applicable and in the home.
  • Work alongside paraprofessionals to ensure quality of therapy.
  • Provide monthly reports on child’s progress and any changes in programming and behavior programs.
  • Weekly/monthly meetings with parents and team members regarding appropriate execution of programming and changing programming according to child’s needs and learning curve.
  • Provide teachers and tutors with peer training, appropriate execution of social skills, verbal skills and academic skills appropriate to the child.
  • Ongoing evaluation of a child’s skills for assessment and  individualization of the program is a priority.