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Autism Building Blocks is a place where we want children
to develop how to learn and communicate within their natural milieu.


Here at Autism Building Blocks we are dedicated to improving the lives of children with special needs. Our objective is to implement effective programming according to the child’s needs, deficits, and strengths. Our comprehensive program is designed to evoke language and enhance social, behavioral, independent play skills and educational academic tutoring. We utilize the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, Verbal Behavior training and Natural Environmental Training to assist a child in reaching their fullest potential. Our staff is trained in the methodology of ABA and VB and subscribe to the same teachings to promote conversation and learning.  At Autism Building Blocks, we pride ourselves upon teaching independence through communication and providing tools needed to build a repertoire of skills for the child’s future. Our team of trained professionals is truly committed to contributing to a language enriched environment so the kids are set up for success.