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Q: How do I start services?

A: You can contact us via email (abbschedule@gmail.com) to set up an initial assessment appointment.  The initial assessment allows us to get a full picture of your child’s current capabilities and what aspects of communication and development that we can target as part of his/her program.

Q: How often will my child need to come for therapy?

A: Therapy sessions occur weekly.  The number of days and hours per week vary depending on the child and his/her needs.

Q: How do I know the progress my child is making?

A: Parents are provided with a monthly report that entails learning objectives and goals as well as mastered items for each target area.

Q: Can I sit in the therapy session with my child?

A: We highly encourage parent participation in the therapy process. If you would like to sit in on a session, please schedule that in advance so that we can accommodate you.

Q: How do I pay my bill?

A: You can write a check to Autism Building Blocks, LLC, we accept cash, or pay your bill online using any credit card.